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Aberdeen's Best Event for Start Ups and Entrepreneurs

Yesterday we saw Aberdeen’s Elevator team raise their own bar yet again. Truthfully, I didn’t expect it to be any different; #MakingItHappen is a remarkable event. Of course, the topics of the day were not unique: wherever you might be learning about starting up or looking for inspiration to keep going, you will find inspiring and motivating presentations about following your dream and working hard, but it’s the format that I believe is unique and valuable to the North East.

The event is free to attend and I hope it will continue to be. It sold out super-fast, but had it not been for its accessible price of zero pounds, I doubt so many budding entrepreneurs would have could afford it, not to mention hundreds of students who were in the audience.


  • Clydesdale supported the event but also shared their vision for B, the bank’s new service and its brave take on targeting new customers. If this advert doesn't give you the feels… well...lighten up! 

A range of amazing, inspiring, honest, bold and genuine speakers:

  • Jamie Andrew – if you ever want to hear an inspiring story from the most humble of men to put things in perspective for you, check his website out: http://www.jamieandrew.com/
  • Craig Buchan from my (now) home place in Laurencekirk of QPal is a great testimony for Elevator’s Accelerator programme, recognising how data, technology and digital is the future, even if you have to move back in with your parents to make it happen!  
  • Tom & Alice McAra, Rebel PT http://www.rebelpt.co.uk/. Can I just say #SiblingGoals? If you ever feel that the kid in you is getting old and boring, drop these guys a line!
  • Lucy Tuck, Definition Clinic: Talk about ‘when it rains it pours’ and still coming out strong. Lucy is young, determined and is not afraid to take chances.
  • Mark Dallas of Insane Championship Wrestling: Where do you even begin describing Mark? Genuine, hilarious, and a brilliant businessman with advice like ‘Pay your taxes!’ ‘Learn from your mistakes’ and ‘Take care of your city and your city will take care of you’. Can you argue with that?
  • Nicola Dames of Vanilla Blush with a passion for fashion, even if you have a colostomy bag. Talk about lemons and lemonade! Her advice was music to my ears as a marking professional: know your audience. She is succeeding, in my opinion, because she knows her ‘Why?’ – which is doing it to help people with disabling conditions; after all, she is one of those people in addition to being a qualified emergency care nurse.
  • Cameron Graham of Storii: https://www.storii.com/  A young man with yet another understanding of his ‘Why?’ having witnessed a man with Alzheimer’s have a better quality of care through visual aids in the form of family photos to help him remember his life and his loved ones. 

Diverse round up of speakers, 60 seconds pitch competition, free lunch and so many speakers acknowledging the value of good digital marketing through social media in particular pretty much made my day! Thanks again to the Elevator Team and the sponsors* for putting on such a great event!


*Sponsors - Clydesdale Bank, FSB, Business Gateway and Bridge to Business  

Victoria Grozier

BrandHouzz, 21 Luther Drive, Laurencekirk, UK