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FREE Social Media Content planning Calendar

Start the New Year with a new social media content calendar to help you plan your content and campaigns, improve your online visibility, engagement and help you develop leads for your business growth. 

This January 2017 content planning calendar has a wide variety of dates including celebrity birthdays, major national and international events, important deadlines, public holidays, awards, sporting events, funny days of the year, festivals, religious holidays, awareness days and much more. Whether you are a corner coffee shop, legal practice, start up entrepreneur or a community organisation, you will find dates with content clues to develop a campaign around it and drive engagement. What to do next:



(1) download this FREE social media content calendar for January 2017(2) fill out your stats for likes, fans and followers at the top of the page for beginning of the month; (3) fill out your stats for referral traffic from social channels to your website at the beginning of the month (yes, that means you need to look at your Google Analytics)(4) go through each day and pick out what content clue (event, cause, etc) might be relevant and/or of interest to your audience (each on is hyperlinked, so you can check the live link of each clue for more details online).

Publish, curate and engage:

(5) plan in advance what you to post on each social media network on each day (you can use scheduling tools like Hootsuite or draft content in advance and post when needed) (6) use visuals (images and videos) to get greater organic reach (7) throughout the month, engage with content from others - your suppliers, your fans, influencers, etc - that includes commenting and sharing, not just clicking 'like'!


(8) at the end of the month, calculate how many new fans and followers your social media gained. How did you do? Did you have a goal in mind? Did you reach it? What could you have done better? 


(9) Now you can develop a social media content calendar yourself and continue to grow your audience and leads OR (10) pre-order your social media content calendar for February here for just £15.00, unless...

If you want a social media calendar that's tailored for your business and audiences, pre-order it here.  

And should you choose to have your social media reviewed before or after you use the calendar, feel free to sign up here.


Victoria Grozier

BrandHouzz, 21 Luther Drive, Laurencekirk, UK